About the 2024
Impact Prize

The American education system and job market have long emphasized attending four-year-college as the primary path to attain a well-paying job and comfortable lifestyle. Increasingly, younger generations are questioning the value and return on four-year education and are looking for alternatives. At the same time, the U.S. economy does not have enough skilled workers to meet demand, with the gap projected to widen in the coming years.

The Impact Prize features those taking action to drive positive change in today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape: the problem-solvers and innovators bridging gaps by increasing access to family-sustaining wages, career progression, and social mobility for people from all backgrounds. This $1 million open call is a cornerstone of the Iovino Family Foundation’s dedication to advancing economic prosperity for more people in the United States by promoting skills training, entrepreneurship, and investment in innovative learning technology.

“You will find talented people and all they need is a chance and opportunity. There are millions of Americans that deserve that opportunity and that chance. We must find ways as a nation to open up those doors.”  — Plinio Ayala, Per Scholas

Our 2024 Focus

The 2024 Impact Prize is seeking organizations that have a proven track record of improving economic mobility for people in the United States through innovative workforce and technical training initiatives.

This year, special consideration is given to those programs incorporating one or more of the following elements, while demonstrating measurable impact: creative use of technology, utilization of available government funding programs, incorporation of existing educational infrastructure, emphasis on diversity, and enhancing “soft-skill” development for program participants.